Twitter.. but not like you’ve seen it before (INSPIRATION)

1 Posted by - October 13, 2012 - Inspiration, Uncategorized

At Turner and Lane we are fans of those creative types who look at the everyday and turn it into something special.

Though we are not the most cutting edge “tech heads”, we have heard of Twitter. However, we are used to it being related to inappropriate comments by celebrities and not images of power and beauty.

Koci Hernandez who has been long known for engaging with art in a modern, multi-media way. Well, he turned his attention to the new technologies of an iphone and Twitter – and came up with some amazing photography. The advantage, for him, of such a ubiquitous technology is that subjects can be captured unawares because as Koci says “Everything changes when people know”.

The result is images that Doisneau (of “The Kiss” fame) would be proud of (and a lot less staged) that instantly goes out to to 17,000 Twitter followers.

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