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We always liked the fact that Tom Dixon brought a bit of that “slide-rule”, technical feel to his designs. Against the grain of current moves towards rustic and homeliness Tom’s works retain a feel that he has been banging away with metal-press somewhere deep in the bowels of Battersea Park. It’s English… but unlike other Englishman (like the delightful Alex Monroe) it draws more on the tradition of Stephenson’s trains than Woodsworth’s flowers.

An that’s just why we like him.

Interesting then to find he just completed an installation “Luminosity” at MOST part of the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia in Milan complete with a metal-press, albeit a very hi-tech one.

It is great to hear him explain a little of the installation to Crane.TV below and if you look carefully at about 1:40min you can see the light shades we have put up at our South Yarra store.

Enjoy T&L