From the Paris Trade Fair – Pols Potten

0 Posted by - July 7, 2013 - Dinnerware, In Store

When we went to the Paris trade fair we saw some amazing products, but the stand out for us was a design company from the Netherlands.

Pols Potten is from Rotterdam…. and coming from the city that gave the world Ben van Erkel’s “Erasmus Bridge” (pic at the bottom of the page) it is no suprise that they are no slouches at design.

Probably the most striking feature about their work is the breadth of their design aesthetic. From the heavy texture of their cable dinnerware to the translucent lightness of the glassware – their products do not fall into any one category except for the perhaps the “stunning” category.

Pictures below from our  South Yarra store (179 Domain Rd).

T & L

And that bridge….