Salus for Summer

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Summer is sizzling, and even though we’re loving the warm weather, those harsh sun rays can be drying on our skin. Taking the time to pamper yourself and hydrate your body is super important in this heat.

Our range of Salus body products is all 100% natural, made with plant extracts to get you feeling refreshed and like you’ve just stepped out of the spa.

The patchouli body oil is perfect for re-hydrating your sun-drenched skin, and to help get rid of the peeling and scaliness that can come with a great tan.

salus body oil styled

For an even more pampering experience try the rose bath oil, so you can hydrate and pamper your skin while enjoying a relaxing bath.

salus bath oil styled

Our eucalyptus body scrub is perfect for getting rid of the buildup of dry skin that can come with one too many days in the sun.

salus eucalyptus scrub styled

The Calendula & Shea Butter Hydrating Body Cream is perfect for using after a good scrub, the Calendula helps soothe skin, while the Shea butter leaves it feeling silky soft.


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