Making a space your own

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Whether you’re looking to decorate a new space or refresh an old one, we have some gorgeous and unique pieces which make it easy to create an original and special interior design for your home. Mix and match, or use a single piece as a statement, the fun is in experimenting and creating a space that is your own.divider-horizon-line1

planter stand

Plant holders – This set of bronze and matte black planters is perfect for adding a touch of fresh greenery to your interior. Whether used to break up a monotone lounge room or to revive a stark white bathroom, this piece can be used all around the house.planter stand brass


Metal framed mirrors – These gorgeous mirrors come in a variety of sizes and different coloured frames. They are great when used together as a group or for a more minimalist look simply on their own. They’re great for creating a soft industrial look but can be used in almost any interior theme. They come in a classic black, steel grey or copper colour.

mirrors styled


Wall planter – This matte black geometric wall planter is the perfect subtle statement piece. The fun, unique chevron shape of the planter makes it eye catching while the powder black finish makes it easy to incorporate into most interior looks.


Quadro Wall Art – This sophisticated piece of wall art is perfect for adding that extra touch of glam to a monochrome interior. The geometric design is contemporary, yet timeless. Ideal for the bedroom or lounge area.Capture