Love Letter to Wes Anderson #6 (INSPIRATION)

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We had another “moment” with a weekend DVD hire that we would like to share.

Filmmaker Wes Anderson has his fans and his detractors – but whichever camp you sit in you cannot deny his attention to detail.

The Darjeeling Limited is the DVD we watched and a case in point. The soundtrack alone is full of cross references to early India/Anglo movies of Merchant Ivory and his choice when using Debussy’s Clair de Lune is none other than the a glistening rendition by virtuoso Alexis Weissenberg.

So it is no surprise that when he needed some serious baggage (of the traveling kind) he called upon Marc Jacobs in his role as creative director at Louis Vuitton. Marc delivered in spades with a beautiful bouquet of monogramed luggage detailed be Eric Anderson (Wes’s brother?) – the result are items of such character that Wes introduces a fourth character to accompany the three brothers as they traipse across India. A a reminder of how the three boys carry the memory of their father perhaps?

We will leave the pop critiques of subtexts and hidden messages to the experts and just bask in the glory of a kit to die for.