Love Letter To New York #2 – Mondo Cane (INSPIRATION)

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There are some people in this world who elevate the everyday into high art. And the man (Patrick Parrish) behind Mondo Cane on Duane St, Tribeca NY is just such a gentleman.

Along with half of Australia, we recently took advantage of some dirt cheap flights and soaring Aussie dollar and found ourselves in New York. One of the things that really struck us was the depth of the retail in the Big Apple – and Mondo Cane is a perfect example of this.

Everyone has heard of the J Crews and Anthropologies but it is the stores like Mondo Cane that really blew us away. On entering his store/gallery/paradise our jaws dropped and our tongues rolled out as before us was one exquisite example of 20th century creativity after another. The store is a high temple to bold design that seeks to be what was not before.

The whole visit to the store was a very “Only In New York” moment as one could not imagine where on earth you would be able to source such a volume of vintage and of such extraordinary quality.

Vists their website:

And even better is their blog:

Or even better get on a flight and make your way to Duane St Tribeca.

…and be inspired!


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