Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

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Everyone’s favorite storage staple, the humble basket. Here at Turner & Lane we are a big fan of the organic, natural look which this homely storage solution can add to any room. That’s why we have a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any use…


Turner & Lane Metallic basket with handles

These jute baskets come in two sizes, a large and a small. With a neutral straw coloured base and a gorgeous metallic upper they have just the right amount of sparkle. They come in a ‘Pewter’ or ‘Pearl’ colour.

Small were $85.00, now – $35.00

Large were $145.00, now – $55.00


Borneo Rectangular deep basket

These naturally simple baskets have a nice deep shape ideal for lots of storage. The rectangular construction means that it slots nicely under beds, in shelves or on top of wardrobes. The handles on each side also make for easy access.

Small – $35.00

Medium – $49.95

Large – $65.00


Marmoset found circular rigid basket

To be used for either storage, display or even as a fruit bowl, this beautiful structured basket is a great all rounder which can fulfill a variety of uses.

Small – $65.00

Large – $85.00


Moroccan shopping basket

The perfect market bag, this lovely maize basket with long leather handles is perfect for carrying fresh produce or everyday shopping.

Shopping basket – $45.00